Trump Wants to Make Redlining Easier. May 10, 2019. The Progressive By Preeti Vissa Kristipati The administration is moving to cut public access to information.

A little-known provision in Trump’s sweeping anti-environmental executive order could pave the way for more drilling in our national parks. Unfortunately, in the first months of the administration, President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke have played political football with the parks, donating the.

New rules helped journalists and academics prove banks are still redlining minority borrowers. mortgage lenders will find it easier to discriminate against prospective borrowers under the latest quiet sabotage of financial industry rules proposed by the Trump administration.

"The fashion in the European Union: When the people vote the wrong way from the way the elites want to go, it’s to make the peasants vote again. European leaders and avoid alienating the.

Redlining – the practice of denying loans to home buyers and others based on their race or ethnic background – has been illegal for decades. But, last year, the investigative news outlet Reveal published a massive investigation strongly suggesting that redlining continues today.

It’s becoming increasingly evident the Trump administration doesn’t understand technology, or perhaps fears and hates it. The seemingly imminent abrogation of net neutrality, and its quest to build AI for its "Extreme Vetting Initiative," appear to lend credibility to any theories suggesting we’re being led.

“That’s one way to make sure everyone knows about the rumors.” The rumors in question, if you want to call them that, involve.

The Trump administration plans to unveil a major revision to decades-old banking rules that mandate lending to "I want to make sure [it] is absolutely going to help communities and isn’t just a check the box to Officials also pursued new redlining cases against banks, an issue that hadn’t been at the.

I think Trump wants to be seen as a dealmaker. The forthcoming weeks could be crucial for the administration as U.S.

The trump administration supports making permanent a law allowing for the collection of digital communications of foreigners, a White House official said. Reuters reported in March that the Trump administration supported renewal of Section 702 without any changes, citing an unnamed White.

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